Women’s Ice Hockey Coordinators Information for Empire State Games



➢ ELIGIBILTY: Players must meet all 3 of these criteria before being considered for the games:

1. AGE – Players must be at least 18 years of age as of November 1, 2011 and be residents of NY State or be enrolled fulltime in a NYS college/university.(i.e. those persons who are attending college in NYS bur have residency in another state are eligible). NOTE: PLAYERS NOT MEETING THESE REQUIREMENTS MUST BE REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY NANCY LEGACY, SPORT CHAIRPERSON TO BE CONSIDERED ELIGIBLE.
2. REGISTRATION – Players must register online at the LPESWG registration site and pay a $35 tryout fee before they can be allowed to participate in a tryout: there are no player forms and no on site registration will be allowed. The registration site link will be posted on the Lake Placid Empire State Winter Games web site. www.empirestatewintergames.com
3. TRYOUTS – A t the tryout players must present a copy of their tryout registration email confirmation. Players must also actively participate in an on-ice tryout that has been publicized on the LPESWG website. Players who do not register online and pay the tryout fee must not be permitted on the ice for a tryout. Players who do not participate in published tryout cannot be named to a roster.

➢ TRYOUT REGISTRATION/DEADLINE: Online registration for tryouts will be shut off 24 hours before the date/time of the last tryout date published on the LPESWG website or at a date/time requested by the Sport Chairperson Nancy Legacy.

➢ TRYOUT DATES: Tryouts will be completed by JANUARY 15, 2012. Coordinators must provide dates/times/locations to the Sport Chairperson as soon as possible so it can be posted in a timely fashion on the LPESWG website. If the Coordinator must change a tryout date/time/location, the Sport Chairperson must be notified so the update may be posted, and all those registered online must be notified of the change. The Sport Chairperson will provide the Coordinators on a regular basis with information of those who have registered.

Should a Coordinator desire to add additional tryout dates to the list originally provided; the request must be made at least one week prior to the desired date, and approved by the Sport Chairperson. Once additional dates are approved LPESWG will post on the website and re-open the online registration.

Players must register online at the LPESWG registration site and a pay a $35 tryout fee before they can be allowed to participate in a tryout; there are no paper forms and no on-site registration will be allowed. Players must present a copy of their tryout registration email confirmation. Failure to do enforce this policy opens you and the Games as whole up to liability issues!

It is strongly recommended that a selection committee be used to evaluated applicants and assist in the selection of the team.

The goal in scheduling tryouts is to give every player a fair opportunity to show her skills in a tryout format. Once you have completed your tryout process you may not allow late applicants to attend a practice session as a tryout prospect. To do so would be unfair to the players who attended the published tryout date(s).

➢ EQUIPMENT: Players must provide their own equipment (pants, pads, skates, helmets,etc). LPESWG will provide numbered hockey jerseys and socks.

➢ TEAM: Teams will consist of 20 players (including two goalies) and two coaches. These 22 people will be receiving an item as selected by LPESWG. This item, along with the player jersey and socks will be distributed by the Sport Chairperson’s registration/sign in committee at the rink at least one hour prior to the regions first game in the competition. At the completion of the games, 22 MEDALS will be issued to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

➢ PHOTO ID: All players MUST present photo ID showing NYS address or a photo ID showing current enrollment in a NYS college/university. Persons not presenting this ID will not be permitted to play and will not be issued any jersey, socks or warm-up suit.

➢ ROSTERS AND ALTERNATES: A team roster listing the 20 players, their position, desired jersey number (1 through 20), and the names of the 2 coaches , and the list of alternate players must be sent to Nancy Legacy and received no later than January 18, 2012. Only alternates that are listed as such on this list will be used as substitutes and all alternates must have attended and participated in a published tryout.

Roster substitutions from the alternate lists will not be permitted after January 23,2012. Substitutions can be called into the Sport Chairperson and followed up with an email for confirmation of the requested change. Only upon the Sport Chairperson’s confirmation will the substitution be considered valid. After January 27,2012 team members can not be replaced under any circumstances.

➢ ICE COSTS: LPESWG will reimburse for up to 4 (four) hours of ice time. Please send invoices to the Sport Chairperson not later than January 23, 2012. If you fail to do so, you may bring the invoice with you to the games and hand directly to the Sport Chairperson to submit to the Committee on the first day of the games. The invoice must include the rink federal ID number, the cost per hour for the ice and the dates/time and hours of ice time being billed. Invoices must come from the Coordinator and be initialed as “ok to pay”, please do not instruct rinks to end invoices directly to the LPESWG. If purchase orders are needed, contact the Sport Chairperson. Pre-payments for ice can not be made.

➢ MEDICAL: LPESWG will provide medical support, duties and further information forth coming.

➢ OPENING CEREMONIES: Friday, FEBRUARY 3, 2012, time and location TBA.

➢ LODGING/MEALS/TRANSPORTATION: Teams are responsible for their own lodging, meals and transportation.

➢ COMMUNICATIONS: If you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Sport Chairperson, Nancy Legacy. You can reach her by calling 518/483-2852, cell # 518-353-2079 and/or email moc.o1475229550ohay@1475229550618ec1475229550ihtro1475229550n1475229550.

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